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NYC Bed Bug Inspectors use canine bed bug detection teams to determine if you have live bed bugs in your home or business. We routinely inspect homes, apartments, condos, coops, office buildings, movie theaters, hospitals, schools and so much more. Routine inspections help many area businesses stay worry-free. Our highly trained teams can alert you to even a SINGLE bed bug, at any point of its life cycle.

Serving All NYC and the Tri-State Area

Bed Bug Inspection and Detection Services

NYC Bed Bug Inspectors are very proud to call New York City home. We are centrally located, and able to send our highly trained service teams to any of the five boroughs and their surrounding communities – if you have bed bug issues in NYC, we are your solution! Stop bed bug bites, prevent bed bug infestations and property loss: eradication, extermination, management and prevention are all steps we will walk you through to help you GET RID OF BED BUGS!   

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What We Can Do For You

NYC Bed Bug Inspectors are the city’s leading bed bug deterrent. Take advantage of our ability to rid your home or business of bed bugs. Our teams of highly trained professionals can find a single bed bug at any point of its growth cycle, and help you to destroy its hope for survival.

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Our inspection teams must pass rigorous certifications to serve you better. No one can surpass our quality.

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Let our teams of experienced bed bug inspectors share ideas of bed bug prevention and elimination.

Bed Bug Strategy

Use our experience to guide your best strategy against bed bugs in NYC. We are your best secret weapon.

From Our Founder

New York is Ripe for Bed Bugs

As the world’s most cherished destination, New York City has its share of unwanted visitors. Bed bugs have become an increasingly real problem and our teams are ready to help you solve those issues. Trust in our highly trained teams to alert you to any live bed bugs in you home, business or public area. We help you solve any bed bug problems you are facing now, and in the future.

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