Bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to eliminate. It can start innocently enough. You pick up a stray bed bug or two and bring them into your home. After a while you begin to notice some of the tell-tale signs of activity – bite marks, bed bug rashes, mattress stains. Once that happens you’re looking down the barrel of a full fledged bed bug crisis.

It can be tempting to go the do-it-yourself route. Maybe try some over-he-counter pesticides and hope for the best. Unfortunately, DIY treatments rarely work. More often than not they only kick the can down the road a bit, leaving you facing a bigger headache late on.

When it comes to effective bed bug removal there’s a reason people turn to specialists. Actually, there are several reasons. So let’s look at 5 reasons hiring a professional bed bug removal service is the right choice in a bed bug emergency.

Fewer Pesticides

If you choose to go the DIY route the obvious option is over-he-counter pesticides. Chances are they’ll be largely ineffective and you’ll ultimately end up using more than is necessary. The problem here is twofold.

First, you still have bed bugs. Sure, you might have blunted the edge of the invasion but it’s unlikely you’ll entirely defeat the enemy. Second, pesticides are full of toxins. Yes, those toxic chemicals are harmful to bed bugs. But they’re also harmful for you, your family and your pets. If you’re not properly trained in the use of pesticides you run the risk of hurting yourself and your family.

Bed bug specialists have more tools at their disposal than simple pesticides. Heat treatments are always an option and they’ve been proven to be safer and more effective. However, if pesticides are needed to complete the job your bed bug expert will know how to properly deploy them while protecting your family.

Less Mess, Less Hassle

Bed bug infestations are a complex problem. Professional inspection and removal experts know how to diagnose the issue and plan an effective method of attack. They know how to resolve the problem and minimize any likelihood of a secondary infestation.

A professional also knows how to achieve the desired goal (the elimination of bed bugs) without turning your home inside out. They not only understand how to kill off the pests they know how to clean up after themselves. They can also provide much needed advice on keeping your home clean and clear off bed bugs in the future.

Professionals Use Professional Treatments and Equipment

One of the reasons DIY treatments don’t work is that over-he-counter pesticides simply can’t reach all of the bed bugs. These pests are good at hiding and can squeeze into some pretty out of the way places.

Profession bed bug exterminators have a variety of treatment options available that allow them to eliminate adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. In addition to traditional pesticides they often use heat treatments and lure traps to eradicate bed bugs that might otherwise escape detection and elimination.

These expert treatments, and the high tech equipment that makes them possible, require years of experience in the field to master and are typically reserved for licensed professionals.

Save Time and Money

Pest extermination can be a time consuming process. Even under the best circumstances. One of the major benefits of hiring a professional bed bug removal crew is the time you save. If you try to manage an infestation on your own, or depend on a big-box exterminator that doesn’t specialize in bed bugs, you may find that the infestation persists. Repeated treatments are needed to resolve the issue. That’s more time out of your busy schedule and more stress for your family.

Relying on a bed bug expert can also save you money. Any pest control treatment comes at a cost but a bed bug expert knows how to complete their mission first time out. Getting the job done right first helps to reduce return visits – and further costs for you.

Confidence and Relief

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can take an emotional toll on family members. No one likes the idea of bed bugs crawling over them while they sleep. That goes double for the thought of being bitten by these pests in night. What you want to hear following a bed bug removal treatment is that your home is free of pests and you can sleep soundly again.

DIY treatments can’t make that promise. The same is true for general pest control companies that may not have much experience dealing with bed bugs. Hiring a bed bug removal expert helps to ensure the infestation is fully eliminated. This brings the relief you need when dealing with the stress of a bed bug invasion.


Nobody wants to deal with a full scale bed bug infestation. But if you are facing an invasion of these blood sucking pests you want an experienced professional in your corner. You want a removal team that know what their doing and that will be thorough, safe, and discreet.

Published by Scott Palatnik

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